Why we are making 3D data more accessible to anyone at any place.

Spacesium helps you rely less on costly technical support and makes it easy to turn 3D data into useful information. Our secure access platform ensures your valuable digital assets are protected and lets you store and share your data without the hassle of managing expensive technology infrastructure. With Spacesium, 3D data is no longer locked behind access gates – now it’s open for who you choose to share it with.
Leveraging nearly a decade of photogrammetry, LiDAR and mapping expertise to build a global infrastructure for accurate and dependable data, the Spacesium platform will enable companies to unlock and fully realize the potential of their assets. We believe mapping is the next frontier, and we’re positioned to do something big in this space. With more than 5 years of compiling data in 3D, we’ve amassed some of the largest datasets in the world that’s ready to be leveraged by customers like you. With our custom web-based map tools, you can visually explore any terrain through a powerful interface. It’s never been easier to do this at this scale.
But Spacesium is much more than a platform to combine all your location data. Our team is dedicated to solving some of the hardest problems in the location industry, with particular focus in:
  • Rule Based Machine Learning (RBML) for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data interoperability with open and public spatial datasets
  • Road Compliance Safety Reporting
  • Aggressive Point Cloud Classifications
  • Automated change detections

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