Go ahead--hold your breath!

Unleash the potential of the Spatial Digital Twin

Weaving together 3D mapping technologies to empower a new view on the evolving digital landscape.

Manage digital assets in any format, anywhere, anytime.

Seeing is believing. The new Spacesium Digital Dashboard gives you instant visibility on all aspects of the project, including 3D survey data against 3D CAD models and with automated Analytics.


You will now have instant access to the information you need to manage your asset and infrastructure projects. Our single, intuitive, web-application enables you to visualise, adapt and control every part of your project. Empower your team with all the tools and resources at your fingertips.

Surveyors, Planners, Engineers, GIS, Mine Managers and Developers can optimize their workflows using the Spacesium technology, data and services.


Data Interoperability

FAIR play geoscience data - We have developed transformation tools and best practices to import / export 3D datasets into the Spacesium ecosystem. Ensure your data is transparent and accessible!


Save time and money with the upfront information you need to make decisions, minimize the disruption to your team and your customers, and finally be confident in the Digital Twin accuracy of your project.


Keep all your 3D asset project records - Spacesiumâ„¢ - in one place. The comprehensive digital twin records all the information you need to know, share and manage access.

Enterprise Analytics

On-demand powerful self-service analytics for company and client-side problems. Custom-built - Geospatial analytics using the latest coding standards. Heat Maps, Change Detection, GIS analytics, Automotive driving, Deep learning... no problems.

Apply in minutes and join us in loading a data driven world.