The digital twin platform that is powered by data.

Spacesium’s data-first digital twins are designed to be highly customisable and adaptable to your needs. Our platform not only facilitates data integration, but also provides intuitive data visualisation and robust data analysis capabilities. With Spacesium, you can unlock the full potential of your location data.

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Manage assets anytime,

anywhere, in any format.

The new Spacesium digital dashboard provides instant visibility

into all project aspects, including 3D survey data compared to 3D

CAD models and automated analytics.

Point Cloud Visualization in Spacesium

Professional mapping.

Accessible for everyone.

Spatial Project Visualization and Height Measurement Tool in Spacesium Web Platform on the Landing Page

Measurement Tools

More measuring.

Less Delays.

Accurate volumes.

Stay in complete control of your construction, mining, environmental, surveying, asset and drone projects with our advanced measuring tools.

Our tools enable you to monitor the actual progress of your project, react to design, schedule, or site changes in real-time, and ensure seamless coordination throughout all project phases.

Scaled Geo-intelligence

Automatically fast

and repeatable.

Efficient feature extraction is critical for accurate machine learning. Our experienced team has experience with the art of data classification, including identifying ground, vegetation, buildings, and other objects.

Let us help you streamline your feature extraction process with our strong and adaptable machine learning capabilities.

Spatial Project Visualization and Area/Distance Measurement Tool in Spacesium Web Platform on the Landing Page
Team Management in Projects on the Spacesium Web Platform, as depicted on the Landing Page.

Planning and teamwork

Teamwork that is


Effective project coordination is essential for success, and our comprehensive planning and teamwork approach can help mitigate risks and simplify access for all stakeholders.

With our innovative technology, including a patent-pending applications for comparing as-built structures against designs, recording defects, detecting changes, and ensuring road compliance, we ensure the highest quality outcomes for every project.

Powerfully simple.

Experience the ease, speed, and security of 3D mapping with

Spacesium, which offers unparalleled performance and quality.

Tool Bar

The measurement tool bar is a collection of various measurement tools designed to provide accurate and efficient measurement capabilities for users.



You can visually organize your

measurements and modify them as needed.

Navigation of Projects Page and Location Measurement Tools on Spacesium Web Platform, as showcased on the Landing Page.

Service Analytics

Our solution provides on-demand self-service analytics for companies and clients, with powerful custom-built geospatial analytics using the latest coding standards.

Service Analysis on Spacesium Landing Page

Efficient File Management

Designed to help organizations manage their files efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Spacesium provides a powerful solution for organizations looking to streamline their file management processes.

Spacesium 3D Project Management on the Landing Page: Highlighting Spacesiums capability to efficiently manage and oversee 3D projects, offering users a seamless and organized experience.
Spatial Data Point Cloud Visualization in Spacesium Web Platform on the Landing Page

Empower your team with tools and resources at your fingertips.

Get instant access to all the information you need to manage your infrastructure projects with our intuitive web application.

Spacesium technology, data, and services can help optimize workflows for surveyors, planners, engineers, GIS professionals, mine managers, and developers.



We handle satellite, aerial, surveying, and geospatial data worldwide, including delivery, ingestion, and processing.

With our software data transformation services, you can easily integrate this data into your internal systems with our API and SDK functions.

Spacesium Data Interoperability on the Landing Page: Illustrating Spacesiums advanced capabilities in seamlessly integrating and handling diverse data sources for a comprehensive spatial analysis experience.

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