Unleash the potential of the

Spatial Digital Twin.

Unleash the potential of the

Spatial Digital Twin.

Use Spacesium to centralise all of your 3D data.

Professional mapping.

Accessible for



Measurement Tools

More measuring.

Less Delays.

Accurate volumes.

React to changes in designs, schedules, or sites in real-time while maintaining complete control over your build during all project phases.

Scaled Geo-intelligence

Automatically fast

and repeatable.

With over a decade of industry experience, we do all the hard work to segment data points into ground, vegetation, buildings, and other objects.

Planning and teamwork

Teamwork that is


Compare the As-build against design, record defects, change detection and road compliance (Patent Pending).

Manage digital assets in any format,

anywhere, anytime.

Empower your team with

tools and resources

your fingertips.

Surveyors, Planners, Engineers, GIS, Mine Managers and Developers can optimize their workflows using the Spacesium technology, data and services.



Save time and money

Keep an eye out for something significant. Register for updates as we prepare to launch Spacesium in the second quarter of 2023.