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Benefits of working with us.

We understand that how you work is extremely important and we've created an environment that gives our team the means to success here at Spacesium.

  • Competitive salary. We lean on some of the best market data to ensure that we offer the most competitive compensation in your country.

  • Hybrid work environment. We all will be working remotely.

  • Build your ideal work setup. We understand that how you work is extremely important, we give you the flexibility for life / work balance.

  • Company retreats. As a remote-first company, we have in-person team retreats where we work and have fun all together.

  • Learning & development. We provide a stipend together with resources to help people grow and develop in their careers.

Join our team.

We are looking for risk takers with diverse experience able to provide fearless feedback. You're in a good company.

If you feel you are ready for the challenge and are willing to join our clan, reach out on

There are currently no positions available.


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