Scout 3D

Spatial Analysis Tool

Immerse yourself in streaming 3D data from your browser, and export 3D maps for analysis in leading GIS and design platforms.

Combine Your Data With Global Data

Discover the effortless way to access new datasets with our user-friendly web app. Dive into the latest datasets seamlessly, thanks to our lightweight interface. Enjoy limitless exploration of our extensive 3D site map coverage, empowering you to view, measure, and create without constraints. With just a few minutes, export diverse 3D mapping content formats tailored to your area of interest. Effortlessly import them into your preferred GIS or design platform for a seamless workflow.


Explore 3D Mapping Without Limits.

Unlock access to your datasets without installing local software.We have built on experience for seamless access - zoom, rotate, and tilt functionalities for a smooth user experience. Precision is at your fingertips with height, slope, grade, volumes, areas and length measurements. Effortlessly switch between 2D and 3D base layers to tailor your viewing experience to perfection.

Deep Context Of Your Project and Beyond.

Experience unparalleled high-fidelity in 2D and 3D content offering extensive coverage across key urban and regional areas globally. Empower your planning and estimating endeavors with confidence and precision with access to Web Map Service (WMS) developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium. Even create a story presentation with our no-code solution to present your data.

Deliver and Share with fast data export.

No more waiting for 3D data! Simply click on export and your data can be downloaded anywhere in the world. We Support a wide range of formats from .DXF .KML .KMZ .OBJ. LAS .LAZ .SHP .IFC .B3DM .GLTF .TIFF .GEOTIF and many more

Work with the latest source of truth.

Capturing data from Aerial Drone Surveying, Aerial Mapping, 3D Civil Scanning, 2D Construction Designs can all be imported into our platform. Having all this in one place for simple management.

Automate Your workflows to save time.

Revolutionize your workflows with our cutting-edge software tailored to enhance your current processes. Whether it's classifying point clouds or extracting DSM and contours, our custom-coded solutions are designed to save you valuable time. Visualize your mining, construction, environmental, urban planning, engineering, transport, and infrastructure projects in immersive 3D maps.

Custom development: 3D data at scale.

Integrated high-resolution terrain and customized software development is a game-changer for automation projects. Extract vegetation metrics and derive terrain insights at the scale necessary when working with thousands of assets, or reviewing analytics for millions more.

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