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Map Tiling Tools

Immerse yourself in streaming 3D data from your browser, and export 3D maps for analysis in leading GIS and design platforms.

Fast processing for optimized tiles

An all-in-one solution for developers to deploy point clouds, rasters and models into bite sized tiles.


Deploy local or via the cloud.

Our Tile Transformer is a solution for converting raster, point cloud, vector and models into tiles from various Operating Systems. Whether local or cloud deployment you will be able to deploy via a single-computer operations or leverage the security of multicore servers with Dockers through batched cmd line code.

Ready for small and large projects.

Tile Transformer is ready for projects of any scale. We use it to create tiled web maps from point clouds to large airborne orthomosaics. Our latest algorithm delivers exceptional performance and high processing speed. Supported by multicore processing on batched services via Azure cloud or Amazon Web Services. Saving time will save money.

Planetary Terrain Models.

Deploy a high resolution 3D terrain of the globe on your local server or cloud server. We can provide on-premises High Resolution World Tileset on your own datacenter.

With EPSG or Local.

If your data contains coordinate system information, then great! We love it. However, In all other cases, we can build you custom transformers to display in local or to transform into geographical coordinate systems.

Run on as many cores as you can.

You have a freedom to build your stack on the best and most efficient hardware as possible. Tiler Transform Tools is designed to use all cores on batch server for optimized secure publishing of tiled maps.

Industry Formats.

Tile Transformer uses geospatial industry standards for both inputs and outputs. Batch run your tiling services for seamless output into your self hosted MBTiles.

Customise the workflow.

With Tile Transformer, you can set the inputs and outputs so it can work with your current workflow. Tile your data onto your own cloud or your local data center.

Try outputs from Tile Transformer Tools

Tiled maps are the most convenient way of presenting large raster images and vector geodata.

point-cloud-data-smallPoint Cloud Data
drone-and-imagery-data-smallDrone and Imagery Data
global-terrain-surface-smallGlobal Terrain Surface

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